The Language Coaching Centre

Maybe you have just started to learn English.
Maybe you have already done so for a while.
Learning a language doesn't happen over night. It takes time - and patience.
But how can you get better? How can you get fluent and confident?
One step at a time!
In English this is also called taking 'baby steps' - small step after small step
until you get where you want to get.

So what are some of the baby steps you can take to get better at English?

Baby step 1 - Read English for just five minutes 

Make it a daily ritual. Grab a cup of coffee or you favourite tea and get comfortable.
Reading online doesn't cost you any money, and there are blogs and online magazines for every taste. (And an online dictionary is only a mouse click away 😉)

For foodies there is Jamie Oliver's website  or deliciously ella with lots of mouthwatering photos.
If you like travelling try lonely planet or urban travelblog.
If sports is your thing, why not read sports illustrated.
Elle magazine will give you the latest trends and mind body green will help you  keep your balance in life.

If you are from Austria or Germany or will bring you Austrian and German news stories in English and if you are interested in the way life in Europe and especially in Austria is seen by an American artist who is married to an Austrian and lives in the city of Graz now, I can warmly recommend Sarah Löcker's blog in which she doesn't only write about her professional life as an artist, but also about Austrian realia like farmers' markets or trips to the Styrian Weinstraße.

Whatever you decide to read - the trick is to keep it short and sweet ... and do it regularly.
If you feel like it, you can finish every reading session with writing out a couple of words in a notebook. Don't make it more than five to seven words or phrases. Less is more!

Enjoy reading and let me know how you are doing.
In my next blog I will write about 

Baby Step 2 - The Power of Music.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,




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