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Neurolanguage Coach ©

You have already attended several language courses?
Maybe you have tried to improve your language skills with self-study material. Perhaps you have also started to work with learning app.
But you didn't manage to keep up?
You didn't see any lasting success?

Then you might want to try out learning with the NeuroLanguage Coaching© method.

 efficient and goal-oriented

In our coaching sessions, we work with your existing language resources and skills to help you reach your full potential.

 highly individualized

Your professional and private language goals determine what you learn and how you learn.


Your constant feedback and input help shape the learning process.

You practice writing by writing and speaking by speaking and work on the topics and structures that are important to you and not on generic coursebook content.


Jedes Gehirn ist einzigartig, jedes Gehirn lernt anders.

Every brain is unique. Every brain learns differently.

Being a trained NeuroLanguage Coach, I know how the human brain learns effectively and constantly keep up-to-date on the latest findings of neuroscience. I  am aware of emotional triggers and blocks that can hinder the learning process and I also know how to support my clients in developing their full learning potential.

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Frequently asked questions about our programmes and prices

Traditional forms of language teaching focus on a curriculum or textbook. In professional language training, a so-called needs analysis forms the basis for your training. Both serve to impart knowledge. Language coaching goes a decisive step further. We diagnose how you learn best and work with your motivation as well as your existing resources and skills to help you achieve top results. You are in control of your learning process. We are here to accompany and support you along the way. As language coaches, we do not follow books. We follow the needs of our learners. How often do coaching sessions take place and how long does a coaching series last? How often and how long you book coaching sessions depends on your language level and your individual language goals. In some cases, a few units may be enough to boost the learner's language skills; in other cases a longer coaching series is needed. Please mail or call us to schedule a free telephone consultation so that we can make you an offer that suits your needs.

You will usually notice the first progress after a few weeks. How fast your progress will be, depends on how much time you are able and willing to invest in your learning process. We don't want dependent clients. We want to help you reach your full potential and are there to support you with individualized self-learning materials that meet your personal learning needs.

  1. You call or mail us and arrange an appointment for a free telephone consultation.
  2. You will receive a written offer from us.
  3. When you decide to accept the offer and pay in the coaching fee, we will schedule a 30 to 45-minute diagnostic and goal-setting session, either offline or online.
  4. In this first session, we will together identify your starting point, your motivation as well as your language goals. Based on this, we will then define a roadmap for the sessions to follow, to help you achieve your goals fast and efficiently.

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