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“Whether you need help with business communication in German or English, my goal is to help you communicate with confidence and professionalism, even in international settings.”

Lunch & Learn

The Lunch & Learn format is an excellent way to introduce communication basics to teams in a relaxed atmosphere. Participants are given focused impulses on specific topics, which are then discussed in casual conversations. This format is great for getting people from different departments to work together.

Popular topics include

  • promoting a culture of open communication
  • strengthening teams
  • identifying, naming, and solving problems
  • the art of highly-effective conversations

This format accommodates up to 30 people
and lasts approximately 90 minutes.


All workshops and training programs are available in both English and German.

Growing stronger

Recurring and systemic problems in teams or companies tend to become entrenched and hinder the company’s success. Employees are dissatisfied because they believe they have no control over the situation and focus on their own work instead of teamwork. As a result, tasks and projects get delayed. Outsiders often view the company as unstructured and chaotic. The Fierce Confront model equips participants with the necessary skills to proactively and respectfully manage conflict and improve teamwork. Participants learn to take on more responsibility and improve their teamwork skills, leading to clearer decision-making and breaking down barriers between departments.

New Work

From work-life blending to remote work and self-organizing teams – with the constant evolution of the modern workplace, it can be challenging to determine which New Work models and tools are right for your organization – and how to communicate where you are going in a way that gets your teams on board for the future. Let’s find the best solutions for your unique needs.


Let’s start the conversation!

Elevate Business

Leadership can often be a lonely experience.

But with the Elevate Business / Leadership Circle, leaders can share and mutually enrich each other on leadership-related, current topics.

In these facilitated sessions, valuable experiences and insights can be shared that will further enhance your leadership skills and knowledge.

Individual Formats

When issues are complex, solutions sometimes need to be more customized. The right mix of individual or group coaching, training, and workshops can help you achieve your goals more effectively.

You’re interested in any of the above services or want to discuss a customized concept?