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Language Coach Isabella Keilani

The Language Coaching Center

Communicating effectively across cultural and language borders.

Use your time to learn online – right at home!

Whether you want to learn English or German to get ahead personally or professionally, or whether you want to learn a new language to keep mentally fit, here you can find the course or coaching programme that is appropriate for you.

Neurolanguage-Coaching Method

Every brain is unique. Every brain learns differently. Being a trained NeuroLanguage Coach, I know how the human brain learns effectively and constantly keep up-to-date on the latest findings of neuroscience. I am aware of emotional triggers and blocks that can hinder the learning process and I also know how to support my clients in developing their full learning potential.

Professional English and German communication training

As a language coach and training expert, I am helping businesses and individuals communicate with more confidence and clarity in international settings. With my expertise as a certified Neurolanguage Coach© and the passion I bring into every project, I can help you and your team reach your language goals faster and more efficiently by

Medical communication that works

Medical communication matters. A significant proportion of medical care relies on verbal communication between physicians and patients. Best results can be achieved when the whole team is involved.

Your Coach

My name is Isabella Keilani. I am the voice and heart of the language coaching centre! I am passionate about learning and teaching, curious and open to new ideas and genuinely interested in other people and what moves them. In 2020, I founded the language coaching centre to create immersive language experiences for my clients. Let me help you reach your full potential when communicating in English or German!

Upcoming Talks

Isabella Keilani and Daphne Klimmek:
Integrating Language Coaching into Communication Skills Training, EALTHY Virtual Symposium, September 17, 2021 

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